BlueTactic, a teen pro gamer, attended the University of California at Los Angeles (UCLA) Game Lab Institute. The Institute is a creative research center that introduces high school students that approaches game design and development as a discipline that combines technology and the arts. It specializes in using game technology for experimental and expressive applications and enables designers of all backgrounds to start making games.

Founded in 2009 by artist and game designer Eddo Stern, a professor in the Department of Design Media Arts, the lab is sponsored by the School of the Arts and Architecture and the School of Theater, Film, and Television. The lab’s mission is to foster the production of various game forms and game-related research along three areas of focus:

  • Game aesthetics – the experimentation with the look, sound, language and tactility of games
  • Game context – development of games that involve the body, interface, physical space and/or performance in new ways
  • Game genres – examination of the history and discourse of gaming and the development of game forms that explore new subject matter for games and push the boundaries of the medium

Students in the program develop a solid aesthetic and technical foundation in various aspects of game design–but just as importantly, they begin learning how to express their own, personal ideas through game-making and game art.

Taught by alumni of the internationally renowned UCLA Game Lab, the two-week program leads students through four, hands-on courses in game development. These workflow-oriented classes focus on:

  • Learning the fundamentals of game design
  • Creating compelling game characters
  • Building game worlds
  • Programming/coding games

By the end of the two weeks, students create complete games or game assets in each of the four classes. Students leave the program with game art they can include in their college-application portfolios.

The institute also provides students with a rare opportunity to receive invaluable feedback that will prove useful to academic and career considerations in the gaming field and earn four units of pass/no pass UC credit.

Blue learned to make a several full games, which were exhibited during the final day of the program, and earned UCLA credits. In addition, he met with the program director and UCLA design faculty. He plans to revisit the campus in the near future.

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