WunTu Media and DCG Vision Forge a Groundbreaking Joint Venture to Establish Studios in Canada and Atlanta, GA, Ushering in a New Era of Film Production and Creativity

North Bay, Canada- Atlanta, GA – WunTu Media, a trailblazing digital media and entertainment company, is excited to announce a groundbreaking Joint Venture (JV) with DCG Vision, a dynamic marketing agency. This strategic partnership aims to create cutting-edge studios in Canada and Atlanta, GA, fostering a dynamic bridge for film production between North Bay, Canada, and Atlanta, GA.

The JV agreement between WunTu Media and DCG Vision represents a significant milestone for both companies as they collaborate to revolutionize the film industry’s landscape across international borders. The partnership envisions a state-of-the-art studio in Canada and a robust production team in Atlanta, GA, connecting two creative powerhouses.

“We are thrilled to embark on this extraordinary journey with DCG Vision,” said HollyWood Wright, Managing Partner of WunTu Media. “Together, we will redefine film production and Digital Media possibilities and expand our influence in North America and beyond.”

Global Media Magnate, Media Marketing Maestro, Global Brand Architect, Media Visionary, Streaming & Marketing Genius, Dan George, will spearhead the studios and Camera North division in Canada, infusing the venture with his creative expertise. Moreover, Dan George will also oversee the Canada, production team, bridging the talents and capabilities of both locations.

“The prospect of leading the studios and Camera North division is truly an honor,” expressed Dan George. “I look forward to creating a space where talent can flourish, and captivating stories come to life.”

The studios in Canada will boast over 100 million dollars in top-of-the-line equipment, offering filmmakers and content creators an unparalleled platform to unleash their creativity. The Atlanta, GA, production team will complement the Canadian studios, ensuring seamless collaboration between the two locations.

“We believe that this JV will redefine the boundaries of storytelling,” said Dan George, CEO of DCG Vision. “By combining our marketing expertise with WunTu Media’s creative vision, we will bring the best of both worlds to the global audience.”

The partnership aims to foster a thriving creative ecosystem, encouraging collaboration between artists and innovators from Canada and the United States. The studios in both locations will embrace diversity, inclusivity, and cutting-edge technology to produce groundbreaking content for global audiences.

About WunTu Media: WunTu Media is a pioneering digital media and entertainment company committed to producing innovative and impactful content. With a focus on storytelling and representation, the company aims to inspire and entertain audiences worldwide.

About DCG Vision: DCG Vision is a forward-thinking marketing agency with a passion for elevating brands and empowering businesses. Through strategic partnerships and creative solutions, DCG Vision strives to create a lasting impact in the marketing landscape.

The JV between WunTu Media and DCG Vision signifies a momentous chapter in the film industry, bridging creativity and innovation between Canada and the United States.

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