WunTu Media’s ‘Cato Village’, is a Georgia based Digital Media and technology Consulting firm. We are a leading in Technical Digital Media, Digital content, Esports community, with WunTuVU.com streaming content offering a personalized experience to the large and underserved global audience of 6+ billion customers, who require capabilities to watch, play or use technology for professional needs, social, or private needs.

We believe a neighborhood brings up a child. The Cato Village is that Neighborhood that brings professional and community back together by Cato meaning a (Smart) Village – sharing Education, Studios, Healthcare, Technology and Housing. The Cato Village will operate as a comprehensive entertainment and lifestyle destination, providing state-ofthe-art facilities and services to a wide range of individuals. The core focus areas of the Cato lifestyle will include film production, music production, healthcare services, life skills-nightlife entertainment, temporary accommodations, permanent housing, esports, and higher education. Primarily focused on Veterans and young adults with a future.

Each component of the Cato Village serves a distinct target market, allowing for diverse revenue streams and cross promotion among different facilities. Market analysis for each sector will be conducted to identify and understand the specific needs, trends, and Cato Culture.