s a l u t e

. . . . And Thank You For Your Service

Written by DaJeVu
The military is a unique brotherhood and sisterhood. Having come from a military family, I’ve
learned to truly appreciate the heartfelt desire of those who go out of their way to say, “Thank
you for your service.” Their desire to connect on the shared love of country is a constant
reminder of the commitment we make as soldiers to our team, our military leadership and to
our mission.
There are so many reasons why people join the military. For some, it is a strategic and purpose driven career choice.

For others, it is a way to avoid jail time. And then there are the other
reasons and life situations that fall in-between such as needing a good paying job with benefits
so they could take care of home, being tricked by the recruiter, wanting to try something new
and different, getting to travel for free around the world, or simply having no where else to go.
Regardless of the reason for serving, one thing holds true. Once you make it through the first
eight weeks of boot camp, you come out the other end a better, stronger, mentally clearer, and
healthier version of yourself.

There are so many benefits to joining the military. In exchange for your commitment,
dedication and hard work, the military takes care of all your basic needs (food, shelter, clothing,
and safety) while investing in your ability to learn a unique skillset and trade. Throughout your
entire service period, the military is constantly strengthening your capabilities while layering on
a sense of pride, purpose and camaraderie – making you the ultimate soldier.

In spite of all the movies, being combat ready in the military doesn’t require everyone to be
special forces. In fact, many jobs are quite mundane and outright boring. However, when duty
calls, soldiers understand that it’s time to give the military a return on their investment. Being
combat and service-ready means coming prepared to serve and support our fellow soldiers
without hesitation to complete the mission.

So to those Americans that celebrate Veterans Day or take the time to thank a veteran for their
service, we thank you in return for acknowledging the commitment we kept to ourselves, our
fellow soldiers, and our mission.


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