The International Jazz Hall of Fame (IJHOF), an organization devoted to preserving the heritage of Jazz music, and introducing emerging generations to this American legacy, is seeking a host city for its annual induction ceremony, and for an interactive, multimedia museum.

History – Jazz Hall of Fame Induction Ceremonies.

Established in 1991 by Mr. Norman Brander as a 501(c)(3), the IJHOF has a history of successful Hall of Fame Induction Ceremonies under its belt.  This annual event honors performers and supporters of Jazz, and is regularly well-attended by celebrities from a broad spectrum of the entertainment industry and corporate America.  

Hosted by Steve Allen, with many of the legendary names in music performing, presenting, and/or inducted, the ceremonies included such legends as George Wein, Ella Fitzgerald, Lionel Hampton, Ray Brown, Dave Brubeck, Rosemary Clooney, Al Hirt, James Moody, Al Jarreau, Wynton Marsalis, Ray Charles, Nancy Wilson and other industry giants.

Jazz Museum & Educational Center. 

Currently, the IJHOF is seeking a permanent host city, not only for its annual induction ceremonies, but for a home where this unique American art form can be properly preserved, and serve as a center of Jazz musical education for young aspiring musicians. 

Late John B. ‘Dizzy’ Gillespie, IJHOF International Chairman, Emeritus

As stated by the Late John B. ‘Dizzy’ Gillespie, IJHOF International Chairman,  Emeritus:

“The International Jazz Hall of Fame is about more than just honoring those of us who have been around a while.  It’s about educating the public about our music… and most importantly, about providing the opportunity for our young people to develop their talents and humanistic qualities that are needed for the future.”

The Late John B. ‘Dizzy’ Gillespie

The IJHOF interactive, multimedia museum will have three main components: 

  1. Exhibits that will preserve and educate visitors about the history of Jazz, by emotionally involving visitors in a total experience, surrounding them with the sight, sounds, and sensation of Jazz.
  2. In-house jazz music educational and scholarship programs, in which students can learn the craft from the maestros, and record their music in a professional studio.
  3. A performance center that will serve as a prestigious entertainment venue, ensuring that the legacy of Jazz lives on. 

Annual Jazz Festival.

In addition to the museum, and its annual induction ceremony, the IJHOF will hold in the host city an annual Jazz Festival that incorporates all of the styles of music that grew from Jazz.  This multi-generation family friendly event will dramatically add to a host city’s attractions, by making it an entertainment destination thousands would attend each year.

Support for the IJHOF has been steadily growing within the national and international artistic community.  For the organization’s goals to be realized, President Mr. Brander states,

“The IJHOF needs supporters who can embrace this vision, and who are willing to help it reach its fullest potential, as the premier international attraction that it is capable of becoming.”

Mr. Norman Brander, President IJHOF 

The organization believes that while the tremendous beneficial financial impact on a host city from the IJHOF’s presence are important, the cultural and civic potential are even more so.  For the first time, all of the key components of the jazz music industry (museum, programs, recording studio, and performance center) will be housed at one location.  In this way, this treasured American art form can be shared with generations for years to come.

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