Book Review by Stacey Wright

Full of vibrant culture, ‘MASTERING the CROWN’ by Dr. George Korede, beautifully tells the story of a young African princess being prepared by her royal family for the throne. 

Through challenging life-long lessons taught by her traditional-minded King & Queen parents, along with insightful elderly women and relentless warriors, the princess learns to balance gracefulness, with the strength and fierceness of a lioness ready for battle.  

Dr. Korede’s artistically described, picturesque scenes set the tone for honoring African traditions, with family pride and long-lasting love shown to be the true testaments of success. 

‘MASTERING the CROWN’ is a wonderful book for young girls to enjoy around the world.

Where to Buy ‘MASTERING the CROWN’

‘MASTERING the CROWN is available for purchase on, in hardcover, paperback, and e-book versions.

About the Author: Dr. George Korede

George Korede is a Nigerian author, a physician, and a mentor to minority youth. He works to cultivate healthy community discussions on race disparities. He wrote candidly about his own obstacles to becoming a young, black doctor in his first book Darker Shades of the American Dream.

Stacey Wright is a freelance writer, focusing on African American history, culture, and social justice issues. Follow her on Twitter @Stacey_TheWrtr

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