WunTu Media Welcomes New Director, Corporate Logistics & Military Affairs to Their Growing Team

We are thrilled to announce a new addition to our WunTu team! Please join us in warmly welcoming Matt Starziack ‘Starz’, our newest member, who has recently joined our ranks as Director, Corporate Logistics & Military Affairs. He brings with him a wealth of knowledge, experience, and enthusiasm that we believe will greatly contribute to our shared global goals and success.

Starz comes to us with an impressive background.  He has a US Government Top Secret/SCI Clearance and 24-year United States Marine Corps Officer.

Starz has many years working in high stress and life-saving environments.  By working as a Major in the Military for 24 years, Counseling, HR experience, logistics as well as commercial and large project renewable building construction.

Starz has many years of supporting various humanitarian disaster relief operations while in the United States Marine Corps and with commercial companies, providing disaster relief construction and cleanup support in various states and countries.

This experience includes rebuilding HUD Housing homes for FEMA after Hurricane Maria as well as other commercial and government Infrastructure construction support.

His passion to teach, help, and re-train children & his fellow brothers from the various arms of service. Starz will utilize the Cato Village and WunTu Media’s digital media model for success.  WunTu’s team are excited to have him on board as we continue to innovate and grow the Digital Media market.

At WunTu, we strive to build a diverse and talented team, and Matt Starz perfectly embodies these qualities. He has demonstrated exceptional skills in Corporate Logistics & Military Affairs, which we are confident will complement and enhance our collective abilities @ WunTu Media.

Thank you, Matt, for your service.