BlueTactic, a teen pro gamer, has been accepted into Columbia University’s Pre-College program in New York, where he will be studying architecture and business.

As a high school honor roll student in the Metro Atlanta area, Blue was recently awarded with several awards including: the Gold Presidential Award for Academic Excellence, Academic Excellence in Honors Literature/Composition, and Academic Excellence in Biology and Health. Furthermore, he is working to create a new competitive esports team at his school.

Currently a pro gamer in Fortnite, Blue began playing online games at age 10 with MineCraft, where he grew a love for designing game worlds and buildings. As result, Blue became interested in a career in creating games as well as in architecture.

During last year, he participated in the renown UCLA Game Lab Institute where he learned the key components of game design, built his own games, and earned official UCLA credits.

This year, at Columbia Univ., Blue will study with Columbia’s top-ranked architecture and business programs for high school students. Blue also recently joined the American Institute of Architecture Students (AIAS), a student-run organization dedicated to advancing leadership, design, and service among architecture students.

Over the past month, Blue has created architectural renderings of his original design of a modular style hotel, as well as the Roman Pantheon building:

Hotel on a Mountain, by BlueTactic

Roman Pantheon by BlueTactic

In addition to his interests in gaming and architecture, Blue is an avid writer and Sci-Fi fan. As such, he is writing his own screenplay based upon his year-long school composition project.

Blue is looking forward to learning at Columbia University, and meeting their world renown faculty in the coming weeks.

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