WunTu Media is proud to announce that the firm has partnered with SAE Institute, one of the world’s leading educators in creative media industries, for a Gamers & Mixers Competition during DreamHack Atlanta.   WunTu will be promoting SAE’s new gaming industry programs, along with their world-renowned music audio engineering offerings.  

BlueTactic, a 14 year old pro gamer represented by WunTu Media, will be live streaming for SAE during his visit to the gaming convention DreamHack Atlanta during Nov. 17th – 18th.  The American Video Game League invited BlueTactic to DreamHack, and to visit the main stage during the official esports collegiate tournaments.  In addition, the young gamer will be competing in various gaming tournaments such as Fortnite and OverWatch. 

Sly Pyper, WunTu Media’s legendary producer, will share his successful journey in the music industry with student participants, and collaborate with other producers and DJs, to demonstrate the creative process of music production.  Gaming music will be explored throughout the event to showcase to participants this new genre in music production as a career path among the multi-billion dollar gaming industry.   

The Gamer & Mixers event will be held Nov. 17-18th, 1-6 pm, at the SAE Institute – Atlanta Campus, 18 Andrew Young International Blvd., Atlanta, GA.  Additional organizations participating include the Next Steps Youth Entrepreneur Program, Core DJs, Mix Media, and Vintaj Tunes.  

For more information on SAE Institute, visit their website.

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